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Say No to Plastic

In the present day people have become more aware of the need to save the environment. Sangeetha Bag welcomes you to take an environment friendly mission, say no to plastic. At Sangeetha Bag, we strongly believe that every individual has a social commitment to protect our Green planet; it is global challenge .We contribute to the society by selling our eco-friendly Jute bags which replaces plastic bags.Say Yes to Jute

Jute is popularly known as ‘the golden fibre’. It’s biodegradable and does not pollute green earth. Jute is Eco-friendly; durable & strong. To ensure Quality Sangeetha Bags uses best quality fresh raw materials

Sangeetha Bags is one of the most notable manufacturers, exporters and wholesale suppliers of jute bag products. Our product range includes more than 10000 varieties: Office bags, trolley bags, corporate bags, College bags, Laptop bags, Tiffin bags, Gift bags, Ladies bags, Fancy bags& Shopping bags. It has an array of foot wears, Jute jewellery & school bags. Sangeetha Bag is one of the biggest exporters of jute bags suppliers in USA, France & Gulf countries.

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